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Managing Business for a Sustainable Society

Work-Life Balance Policy

  • Work-family compatibility

  • New ways of Working

  • Strengthening lifelong competitiveness

  • Internal feedback

    The Happiness Day / Survey Happiness Board Happiness Bulletin

  • External feedback

    Certified as a Family-Friendly Business (2019~)

Various systems for work-life balance are available at SK networks across a range of fields, including health management, new ways of working, and strengthening lifelong competitiveness, in an aim to assist all the employees in achieving stability both at work and home and create a work environment where they can be involved with more enthusiasm.

Work-Life Balance Goal

  • 2023

    Increasing and advancing support for work-life balance

    • Conducing and improving surveys on people’s work-life balance
    • Improving self-design CoP considering the joint growth of individuals and the company
    • Introducing a health management program
    • Upgrading the work environment by adopting flexible work patterns/hours/locations
    • Great Place to Work certification (retained)
    • Family-Friendly Company certification (retained)
  • 2025

    Empowering people to have ownership for work-life balance

    • Fostering a culture of innovation by enabling people to design the way they do their jobs
    • Building a platform to facilitate people’s communication/feedback
    • Improving people’s refresh plans
    • Great Place to Work certification (retained)
    • Family-Friendly Company certification (retained)
  • 2027

    Company vowing to lead work-life balance

    • Upgrading the platform to facilitate people’s communication/feedback
    • Organizing a consultative body at C-Level to ensure work-life balance

Work-Family Compatibility

Various systems are available at SK networks for work-family compatibility.

  • Pregnancy & Childbirth : reduced work hours and regular health checkups during pregnancy, and maternity leave
  • Child-rearing : parental leave, reduced work hours during the child-rearing period
  • Others : family care leave, infertility treatment leave, infertility leave of absence, menstruation leave

New Ways of Working

SK networks provides institutional support for employees to choose their work hours and spaces.

Internal Feedback Channel

Happiness Survey: Happiness Health Checkup

SK networks has established and continues to improve indicators of happiness gauged to build an organizational culture in which human rights of the members are respected and their growth and happiness promoted.

An employee happiness survey is conducted every month on The Happiness Day to identify the overall level of members’ happiness (human rights, safety, growth/Competence development, etc.) and the level of happiness strategy implementation (SV-BM, etc.). Members opinions are also asked to find out their thoughts about where the company is headed and how to create a better place to work.

The Happiness Survey is conducted eleven times a year in total. They are composed of three measurement-type and eight thinking-type surveys. Quarterly measurement-type survey questions makes it possible to regularly identify the status of the entire organization including efforts for member happiness and sustainable management, work satisfaction and the degree of engagement. Based on this, thinking-type survey questions are structured to listen to members’ opinions that will be used as a basis for creating solutions for system improvement.

Survey results are posted monthly on the in-house bulletin board to be shared with all the members. Major tasks generated from the survey are continuously discussed among related departments. Happiness Board activities will be used to improve the company system and environment.

Happiness Survey Questions

  • Happiness Mindset
    • Employee Level of Happiness
    • Agreement Level of Happiness Management Direction
    Strengthening Lifelong Competitiveness
    • Employee Competency Improvement
  • Strengthening BM
    • Social Value Creation/Customer Value Innovation
    • Digital Transformation
    Creating a Good Company
    • Internal Policy and Workplace Environment
    • Horizontal Communication/Cooperation within the Organization

Average scores for multiple-choice questions by topic

(out of 7 points)

2020년 10월 (행복: 5.34, 일하기 좋은 문화: 5.91), 2021년 3월 (행복: 5.36, 일하기 좋은 문화: 5.90), 2021년 6월 (행복: 5.29, 일하기 좋은 문화: 5.90)

Happiness Day

SK networks has designated every 3rd Friday of the month as “Happiness Day” to encourage the employees to reflect on their happiness and surroundings. “Happiness Day” is a time for employees to plan and pursue various activities for their own happiness without any restriction on activity or space for 4 hours in the afternoon. Employees can share their feelings by writing about their joyful moments during this day on the ‘Happiness’ and ‘Hangstagram’ bulletin board.

'더' 행복 Day 함께 만들어가는 더 행복 Day를 운영합니다.

Happiness Board

Led by our CEO, the “Happiness Board” consists of 12 members who come together once a month to discuss solutions concerning employee pain points and to study and discuss happiness strategies as well as action plans to find a detailed resolution that will make “our” workplace happier.

External Certification: Family-Friendly Business

가족친화우수기업 인증마크

SK networks is striving to create a corporate culture in which women can continue to work, ranging from HR operations like recruitment, evaluation, and promotion to work-family compatibility programs such as child-rearing leave of absence and workplace daycare center. In 2019, the company was certified as a Family-Friendly business awarded by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family to companies that operate an exemplary family-friendly system in terms of childbirth and child-rearing supports, flexible work systems, family-friendly corporate culture building, etc.