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Managing Business for a Sustainable Society

As SK networks considers health an essential condition for the happiness of its people, the company has a health support system in place for sustained, improved healthy life and has established a safe work environment. In particular, the company contributes to people’s healthy life focusing on adult disease prevention and mental health enhancement, considering job characteristics mostly composed of office jobs.
In addition, key plans and issues concerning SK networks people’s health are reported to management leadership to ensure their accountability to SK networks people.

Goals and roadmap for employee health support

  • 2023

    Employee Health Management System Establishment

    • To enhance the health & safety management system customized to workplace characteristics
    • To expand employees’ health management coverage and health programs
    • Safety and health management system certification (ISO 45001)
  • 2024

    Employee Health System Management System Establishment / Enhancement

    • To establish and enhance the health management system considering employees' characteristics
  • 2025

    VWBE Health & Safety Culture Establishment and Practice

    • To establish and spread the health & safety culture
    • To retain the health & safety management system certification (ISO 45001)

Intensive management areas considering job characteristics

  • Prevention of Adult Diseases

    1. Smoking rate : 19.5%(2021) → 10%(~2025)
       - Programs in collaboration with Jongno-gu Public Health Center
    2. Obesity rate : 40.5%(2021) → 30%(~2025)
       - BMI Assessment
       - Diet and exercise coaching
       - Health-friendly environment including cafeteria
    3. Exercise performance rate : 44.5%(2021) → 50%(~2025)
       - exercise programs(2022~)
       - Health-friendly environment including fitness center,
         stairs for health, and Hanggare app.

  • Mental Health Program

    1. Raising mental health awareness program
       - Various educational programs to improve accessibility to
         mental health care (2022~)
         Ex) <Misunderstanding of psychological counseling>,
         <Interpretation of MBTI>, etc.
    2. Accessibility enhancement programs
       - Introduction and development of ‘healing program(2021-)
         Ex) Personality test and interpretation by organization
       - Employee stress measurement(2022~)

Health Checkup

Annual medical checkups for all SK networks employees are arranged to achieve a target of 100% health checkup accomplishment*. Notices are released so that all employees can receive health checkups before the end of the year, and continuous improvements are made regarding health checkup facilities and items through satisfaction surveys.
* Available to legally qualified recipients (biennial checkups compulsory for office workers, based on their birth year), and exceptions are applied to those who are on a leave of absence, deceased, retired, pregnant, or under treatment and received health checkups independently.

SOKSOK Counseling Service: Mental Health Improvement

SK networks is providing professional psychological consultation services as the company has set up the management of mental health, to which office workers are vulnerable, as a specialized area. Consultation services are offered to employees and their immediate family members and tackle a wide spectrum of areas, including not only work-related stress and private emotions but also family issues, child-rearing, and legal advice. Quarterly notices and promotions are also made so that many employees can take advantage of those services. Services are further improved by collecting feedbacks with a target to achieve a satisfaction score of 4.5 points (out of 5) from those who have used the consultation services.

Infectious Disease Control

SK networks protects its people from infectious diseases such as influenza and Covid-19. In addition to annual influenza vaccination, work-from-home is strongly recommended in response to epidemics, and non-contact support is provided to care for employees' health using smartphone applications. Also, medication sessions and stretching programs are offered via Zoom so as to facilitate improved health while working at home.

COVID-19 Response by workplace

  • SK networks
    • Work-from-home guidelines tailored to different business/workplace conditions
    • Daily management of confirmed cases
    • Reduced conversation in public places
    • Notification to the SHE officer followed by medical testing in case of contact with any confirmed case or manifestation of symptoms
    • Isolation according to the guidelines of health authorities in case of confirmed cases
  • Walkerhill
    • Implement employee health monitoring system
    • Minimize risk by blocking infection routes, analyze infection causality
    • Walkerhill emergency planning organization
    • QR code and mobile check-in systems for customer touch points
    • Non-face-to-face thermal imaging cameras at all sites

Health enhancement program tooltip

* Performance of the Workout in daily life program (as of end of December 2022)
  - Number of participants: 62 persons (ca. 13%)
  - Number of participation: 1,833 cases

Since the end of August 2022, SK networks has been running a health enhancement program for all members including contract workers. The program titled Workout in daily life is implemented so that members can develop a healthy workout routine and prevent adult diseases. Rewards are given to members who prove they have worked out more than 30 minutes a day and additional rewards are given to those who have worked out at least 15 times a month so as to encourage them to develop a continuous habit of working out. Furthermore, Stress diagnosis program is also available for assess mental health. A member’s mental condition is checked through a stress test conducted twice a year, and customized solutions are offered according to the results. Also, programs are recommended and offered for each organization’s members according to their stress source (such as job, relationship and organizational culture) and stress level.

Health-friendly Environment

SK networks provides support to employees to effectively manage their health by fostering a health-friendly environment. In-house nurses are stationed at the head office to provide medical products and services, and cafeteria nutritionists provide nutritionally balanced diets. Moreover, an indoor fitness facility is set up in an area of 496m2, housed with fitness equipment to assist employees' fitness management and in-house 'health-keepers(who provides professional massage services),' and massage chairs are also offered to prevent musculoskeletal disorders as a result of long hours of work. In addition to health checkup data and infectious disease data, various indexes related to fostering a health-friendly environment, including fitness use rate and canteen use rate, are also managed as valuable data.

  • Medical Office

  • ‘Health-keeper’

  • Fitness Facility

  • Cafeteria

  • Massage Chairs

  • ‘Stairs for health’

Health Support System

SK networks relieves the medical expense burden of the employees through an in-house medical fee support system. Up to KRW 5 million is annually provided to employees with permanent employment, their spouses, and children. All SK networks employees are supported under the company's group personal accident insurance that covers major diseases such as cancer and strokes. In 2021, group dental insurance has also been offered to relieve people's financial burden of dental treatment. The company's full support for the employees' health management is also demonstrated by the introduction of vaccination leaves in line with the government's Covid-19 response.