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Jobs at SK Networks

In a nation where people are the most important resource, SK develops the people.

Jobs at SK Networks

ICT Marketing

  • Mobile phone terminal wholesale (including ICT devices), management and support for manufacturers and distributors
  • Direct online channel planning & operation
  • Logistics operation process planning/design, cost analysis
  • Used ICT device distribution, New recycle service planning


  • Maintenance business place management (individual operation status, targets, etc.)
  • Market condition investigation for (imported/domestic) maintenance cars, distribution structure optimization
  • ERS (Emergency Roadside Service) network building, service development
  • Tire distribution/sales channel expansion, outside partnership stimulation


  • Global Trading (direct export to overseas clients, intermediary trading among three countries) for chemical/material products.
  • RM monitoring of overseas branches, profit/loss impact analysis, overseas investor management and issue resolution support
  • Overseas agent management, market condition analysis and Global Biz Trend investigation

Business Administration

  • Company-wide management strategy planning, investment review, benefit/loss management
  • Finance, accounting, taxation
  • HR, purchase, PR, legal affairs, SHE
  • Corporate Culture, SV(Social Value)


  • Marketing, promotion planning
  • Hotel business upgrade and BM innovation planning & operation
  • New business development including outside projects