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Managing Business for a Sustainable Society

SK networks recognizes the safety and health of stakeholders including customers, citizens and its employees as core values of its corporate management, and endeavors to keep serious industrial accidents at zero by enhancing and enforcing ESG practices, implementing a safety and health management system, and fostering safety and health culture.

Safety & Health Management Policy

SK networks has developed management policies regarding safety and health as statements of the management leadership’s commitment to safety and health and enforced those policies in a bid to create wholesome working conditions and prevent industrial accidents more effectively. In addition, major developments concerning safety and health are reported to the board of directors and safety and health performance outcomes are reflected on the CEO and enterprise KPIs to provide interfaces with compensation schemes.

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Mid-to-long-term Safety & Health Roadmap

We at SK networks will ensure constant evolution and improvement of the safety and health management system and bolster up its effectiveness in consideration of worksite-specific characteristics and changing business landscape to create safe and healthy worksites of global top-tier level in each business domain and meet the goal of zero industrial accidents. By nurturing and embedding safety and health culture, we will empower all SK networks people to exercise VWBE leadership in safety and health to roll out a business environment wherein SK networks people and stakeholders can remain happy, healthy and safe.

  • 2022

    Developing/enhancing a safety and health management system

    • Checking and ensuring compliance with the Serious Accidents Punishment Act
    • Fostering safety and health awareness at worksites
  • 2023

    Upgrading a safety and health management system

    • Aligning safety and health management system to specific worksites needs
    • Encouraging employees to voluntarily engage in safety and health initiatives
  • 2025

    Nurturing and embedding a VWBE safety and health culture

    • Nurturing safety and health culture and enhancing VWBE leadership in safety and health
    • Occupational health and safety management system certification (ISO45001)

Identifying and mitigating safety and health risks

SK networks conducts identifies potential safety and health hazards at worksites, mitigates risks to serious industrial accidents in advance, conducts risk assessment to create a safe and healthy work environment, and develops improvement strategies to ensure continual improvement. Risks and hazards identified not only in regular risk but also safety and health council meetings are actively addressed and mitigated. Walkerhill Hotel has rolled out an enterprise risk management (ERM) system to deliver a risk assessment specific to the worksite needs.

Risk assessment process

위험성 평가 process 이미지

Safety and health training

SK networks provide safety and health training programs aligned with applicable laws and worksite characteristics to improve the safety and health awareness of SK networks people and embed safety and health culture in their work routines. Training courses are adapted to a varying nature of worksites including business offices and logistics centers to optimize the effectiveness of safety training initiatives that are conducted online regularly on a quarterly basis, with independent third party trainers engaged to provide occupational training programs.

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Classification Training Description
Office workers Fostering and improvement of occupational safety culture, work environment and health management for office workers, statutory safety and health training requirements, prevention of health conditions attributable to work stress, etc.
Logistics center Work safety of forklifts, prevention of musculoskeletal diseases, understanding and utilization of material safety datasheets (MSDSs), safety protection gears set forth in the Occupational Safety and Health Act, etc.
Occupational training Publicly accessible training courses in Korea Industrial Safety Psychology Counseling Association (KISCA), Korea Industrial Safety Association (KISA), etc.

Collecting feedback from employees

A safety and health council staffed with safety and health supervisors of worksites and suppliers around the nation is called to order every month. The safety and health council is responsible for enhancing the safety and health inspection system of each worksite and collecting safety and health feedback from employees. In addition, Walkerhill Hotel actively collects customer feedback on safety and health and improves environment, posting more animal warning signs.

Emergency response scheme and drill

Given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and increase in telework, visually enhanced emergency response drills engaging by SK networks people are produced and shared to upgrade the effectiveness of emergency drills with virtual experience programs. The logistics centers and Walkerhill have implemented their own emergency response systems and conducted fire-control drills regularly every year.