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Global Investment

SK Networks’s global investment activities aiming for an operation-based investment company

Investment Thesis

We aim to become an operation-based investment company, whose value is continuously raised through such investment activities. To this end, we explore global investment opportunities to identify future growth drivers and upgrade our existing business models.

Investment Domains

We selected three primary focus areas , considering our corporate philosophy, growth potential, and social impact.

  • Digital Transformation

    Digital technologies make our lives convenient and smart. We invest in digital technologies that will bring about meaningful changes in society.

  • Web 3

    Web3 is characterized by security, decentralization, and transparency and can be applied in various industries. We invest in Web3 / blockchain-related areas in preparation for the future.

  • Sustainability

    We pursue sustainable growth to create future value for all generations.



Hicosystem is an inner circle network developed with early stage investment partners worldwide. It is driven by SK Networks.

Hyper, intelligence, Ecosystem - 하이코 파트너 기반 선순환 투자 생태계
  • Startup Founder 149
  • Investor 125
  • Advisor 39


A multinational team with expertise is in charge of our global investments. Additionally, we have established an investment vehicle, Hico Capital, in Silicon Valley to enhance our network and proactively identify investment opportunities.

Global투자센터(Global Investment Group, Hico Capital)
Global Office 세계지도 - GIG, Hico Capital


  • March 2018

    First investment (Kurly*)

    * IRR: 60%
    (as of Jan. 2023)

  • May 2020

    Hico Capital established

    (a subsidiary in U.S.)

  • November 2021

    Fund launched

    ※ Fund IRR: 44%
    (as of Jan. 2023)

Portfolio - direct investment

  • 23 Total : 23
  • 9 Direct Investment : 9

    Kurly, PortOne, MycoWorks etc.

  • 14 Fund Investment : 14

    SoftBank Future Innovation Fund,
    DCVC Bio Fund, Kindred Ventures Fund etc.

Contact      Song, Hae-in (