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Recruitment Process

In a nation where people are the most important resource, SK develops the people.

Phased candidate screening process

  1. Job application
  2. Document screening
  3. Written test screening
  4. Interview screening
  5. Health checkup
  6. Final acceptance

Job application

Online job applications are received through SK Talent Portal (

Document screening

Submitted documents shall be reviewed to check the applicant’s academic background, career history, job relevancy and whether there is any reason for disqualification. In particular, application letters drafted by the applicants themselves are subject to joint review by the HR department and relevant department to have a closer look into their values and see to what extent the values correspond to those sought by SK.

Written examination screening

SKCT measures competences required to perform tasks in SK in diverse and comprehensive perspectives. SKCT comprises the following criteria: critical thinking measures complex and high-level thinking abilities required to perform tasks; situational judgment measures whether an adequate judgment can be made in problematic situations that can be faced during work; and, work personality measures whether an applicant’s personality, values and attitudes are suitable to perform tasks.

Interview screening

Various interview tools in forms of individual/group interviews are used to assess an applicant’s expertise, level of job understanding, ability to perform tasks, potential capacities, viewpoints on enterprises, Pae-gy: the spirit of ambition, etc.

Health checkup

Health checkup is arranged for applicants who passed the interview screening.

Recruitment methods

New hire recruitment is categorized into on-demand recruitment and internship programs linked with job opportunities.
Career employee recruitment is arranged on demand when a position becomes available.