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Creating Future Value through Transparent Management

Investment Committee

Investment Committee

SK Networks operates an ‘Investment Committee’ to review, deliberate, and make decisions on new investment and disposal, strategic suitability for significant changes in corporate governance, rationality and adequacy of execution, economic feasibility, and risk.

Roles & Organization of the Investment Board

The investment board discusses investment propositions forwarded from pre-reviews in terms of business environment, finance, legal affairs, ESG, and others. and makes a final decision. The working-level investment council moderates risk-focused pre-reviews of investment propositions before forwarding them to the investment board.

  • Investment Board
    • Members: CEO, General Business Managing Director, Head of the Management Support Division, Head of Planning Office, Head of Finance Office, Head of Sustainable Business Office
    • Secretary: Head of the Global Investment Center
  • Working-level Investment Council
    • Members: Head of the Global Investment Center, Manager of the Strategy Team, Manager of the Finance Team, Manager of the Tax Affairs Team, Manager of the Legal Affairs Team, Manager of SV Promotion Team 1
    • Note: including the manager of the purchase team if the investment involves purchasing

Investment Board Operation Process

  • Review by Working-level Investment Council

    Pre-review of the investment proposition

  • Calling Investment Board to Order

    Secretary of the investment board calls the meeting to order

  • Discussion of Investment Proposition

    Mandatory for investment board members to discuss applicable investment propositions

  • Meeting Minutes & Confidentiality

    Documenting meeting discussion and keeping it confidential

  • Decision-making

    Decision-making Criteria
    Strategic orientation, R&C availability, valuation, milestone, major issues and contingency plan, ESG/SV, exit plan, and others
    Investment Board Endorsement Criteria
    Attendance by at least 2/3 of all members and affirmative votes by at least 2/3 of all attending members

* Where an investment proposition is subject to an approval by the board of directors, it is to be deliberated in advance by the ESG Management Committee and finally reviewed and approved by the board of directors.