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ICT Marketing

ICT Distribution Platform that relieves customers’ pain points
during the entire life span of ICT products

About ICT Marketing

As Korea’s No. 1 mobile device distributor, SK networks sells approximately 5.5 million mobile devices a year largely in wholesale distribution and distributes various ICT devices such as laptops, tablet PCs, and ICT accessories through collaboration with manufacturers. In addition, we provide integrated distribution services to customers through our nationwide infrastructure. Through SK Networks Service, one of our subsidiaries, we offer a variety of services, including operation of the SK Telecom and SK Broadband’s networks and provision of IT solutions and communication system equipment. We are currently expanding our recycling business sector by operating a resource circulation center that handles a variety of waste products including unused assets and waste generated within the IT industry.

ICT Marketing

Specializing in ICT sales and distribution with a focus on mobile devices


SK networks, as the biggest mobile phone distributor in Korea, supplies mobile devices demanded by customers through the nationwide logistics infrastructure and purchase platform-based distribution network. Based on the partnerships with SK telecom, the Korea’s largest mobile communication service provider, and other manufacturers over the world, we accomplished to sell 6.5 million mobile phone devices in 2019. Even in the gradually stagnating market environment, we have provided loan/payment services and purchase system to improve agencies’ purchase convenience and strengthened the business model through sales consulting to develop together with 1,041 agencies nationwide. The Mobile Device Business will expand the role of SK networks in the mobile phone distribution market through a continuous value creation for its clients, thereby securing significant profits and stable growth.

Logistics Service

SK networks offers an integrated shipping service to customers through the nationwide logistics infrastructure and system capacities. With the logistics experience in mobile devices, we are expanding our services from ICT devices to various areas such as a third-party logistics and warehousing. We are also in the process of moving to a bigger distribution center in the Seoul Capital Area (SCA) to satisfy customers’ shipping demands. Starting in 2021, we will establish the integrated logistics system based on the new SCA distribution center, thereby growing into the Korea’s top logistics service provider with SCM* capacity.

*SCM: Supply Chain Management

Second-hand ICT Device Platform, MINTIT

The kiosk-based cell phone diagnosis and self-purchase service, ‘MINTIT ATM’ based on AI technology for the first time in Korea is equipped with the system to completely erase the personal information and data stored in the second-hand mobile devices. The technology obtained the international standard quality certification to alleviate the concerns about used cell phone trades and raise the reliability in safety. On top of that, we have created an ICT device recycling ecosystem in daily lives for trading used cell phone at any time in an easy and convenient manner for everyone. MINTIT does not simply provide a used phone trading service. We also carry out a resource circulation campaign that embraces anyone joining efforts to save resources and protect the environment. It leads to a virtuous cycle, including MINTIT reforestation campaign and the support for the ICT vulnerable.


SK networks is establishing mobile-centered logistics platform and expanding customers of our brand through the launching of various ICT products as a response to increased demands for ICT devices. SK networks launched about 10 different ICT products including wireless-charged fans and Bluetooth headphones and speakers. We are continuing to expand the business through the brand story that offers emotion and convenience to customers’ mobile life by entering the global market.


SK networks service has executed operation and maintenance of networks of its affiliates such as SK telecom and SK broadband, IT equipment distribution, and mobile device AS. We extended products and services by exploring new solution technologies, AI system equipment, and contents distribution to expand the variety of B2B clients. We also extended the existing AS business to expand the business scope to the integrated maintenance/repair business that includes ICT asset management and recycling for retail franchises. SK networks service will strengthen technological capacities, products, and services in order to become the ‘Tech-based Optimized ICT Solution Organizer’.

ICT Marketing Overview

  • FY2022 sales KRW 4.5 trillion
  • FY2022 Sales of Mobile Phones 4.33 million
  • Distribution Centers nationwide 6