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Strengthen competitive advantage with unique mobility service

Automotive Aftermarket No. 1, Speedmate

As a No.1 brand in the automotive aftermarket service in Korea, Speedmate provides a wide variety of automobile-related services, including car maintenance, emergency roadside service, import car maintenance, import car parts distribution, tire distribution, and car parts export. For the light maintenance, we have successfully launched ‘CLUB SM’, our membership to present reasonable maintenance prices to alleviate the financial burdens of our customers. Going forward, Speedmate will never stop researching and developing services to resolve the grievances of our customers and launch new services to realize a customer value innovation.

Speedmate Car Maintenance/Repair

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Speedmate is praised for upgrading the car maintenance industry of Korea through the systematic customer service (CS) management and standard pricing, service improvement activities such as the maintenance quality assurance system, and the Good Maintenance Campaign. These efforts led to acquiring the No.1 in Korea Brand Power Index (K-BPI) for 21 years in a row. With a network of over 600 service spots deployed at easily accessible locations including SK and Hyundai Oil Bank gas stations and other retail outlets such as Emart and IKEA, Speedmate contributes to improving customer access to imported car care services by operating imported car-specialized service stations drawing upon its long-standing service prowess and know. In addition, Speedmate runs Club SM, a car care membership service package offering discounts for frequently used maintenance services including engine oil replacement, recently launching a Club SM service plan exclusive to imported car owners. Furthermore, SpeedMate continues to develop various customer-focused maintenance contents available at its official website, including engine oil replacement, O2O services to name a few.


The Imported Auto Part Distribution Business supplies auto parts in reasonable prices based on the internal auto part sourcing channels, system-based distribution processes, and optimized distribution structure. This is contributing to strengthening soundness and expanding the imported auto part distribution market by enhancing transparency of the market and protecting customers. Speedmate has recently expanded its business coverage to include parts for commercial vehicles, offering service charge claim programs for accident-damaged cars. In addition, its ECO parts business utilizing parts salvaged from accident-damaged vehicles gives additional credit to Speedmate’s commitment to eco-friendliness. The Private Brand (PB) Auto Part Business exports auto parts of the Speedmate Brand to overseas markets. Frequent consumable parts, such as car batteries, lubricants, and filters, are produced by major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in Korea and exported to 65 buyers from 40 different countries located in the Middle East, Russia/ CIS*, Southeast Asia, and Central and South Americas. Through the business, we will boost global recognition of the Speedmate brand and accomplish globalization of the Speedmate Business.

*CIS: Commonwealth of Independent States


The ERS* Business is the Korea’s first roadside assistance at car accident sites, launched in 2001. This business provides high-quality services based on bold investments and systematic management of network including first direct connection system between customers and rescue network through the customers’ location information in 2005. Currently, we are not only operating about 300 nationwide ERS networks and 24-7 call centers, but also developing various mobile services tailored for changes in the mobility environment through the Smart IVR**, mobile ERS, and location tracking-based ERS. Speedmate’s ERS business will be continuously upgraded as a critical element of the company’s mobility service business model, including emergency EV charging service.

* ERS: Emergency Roadside Service

** IVR: Interactive Voice Response

New Concept of Car Care Platform Service, Cartini 사이트 바로가기

Born as the Tire Pick service team of the Speedmate Business Division, Cartini was incorporated as an independent legal entity in October, 2021 to facilitate customer-centric online platform-based automotive services. To fulfill the objective, Cartini focuses on identifying customers’ pain points and continuously improving on them to make sure that drivers can access car care services anytime, anywhere, with ease and convenience. Tire Pick, the online tire, engine oil and battery shopping mall run by Cartini, allows customers to retrieve matching tire information only with a vehicle number for the first time in Korea and request site dispatch and valet replacement services differentiated from services available offline, making online payment in advance to have their tire and battery replaced with ease. Such innovative service concepts launched by Cartini sparked positive response from customers and resulted in rise in demand for online tire replacement. Over 880 tire shops now partnering with Cartini around the nation expected to reach 1,000 by the end of this year, Cartini has launched a variety of car care services including distribution of Bosch, Micheline wipers and car maintenance reminder service in the 2nd half of ’23, vowing to rise as No.1 car care platform that offers endlessly fresh experiences to customers.


‘The CARPET’ app. ,
car care platform dedicated to imported autos 사이트 바로가기


Following the recognition of the difficulty of imported car drivers in terms of selecting vehicle repair shops, the BM Innovation Project Group launched ‘THE CARPET,’ in 2022, a platform that makes it possible to manage imported cars in an easier and more convenient manner. It provides AI chatbot maintenance service that furnishes vehicle diagnosis in real time when uploading a photo of warning light or selecting the type of failure by stage, which is the domestic 1st service launched. It also offers the service in which customers can check the no. of auto maintenance shops’ repairs of imported vehicles by model based on the no. of maintenance statement transmitted. Through these services, we continue to create customer value.

Speedmate Overview

  • FY2022 sales KRW 414 billion
  • K-BPI 1st

    for 21 consecutive years

  • No. of Speedmate Stores 600