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SK networks celebrates its 70th anniversary with outreach activities involving all its people


- Founded in 1953 as the origin of SK Group accompanying the growth trajectory of Korea for the past 70 years
- Launched on and offline outreach activities with all its people ··· “to repay what we owe to local communities and neighbors”
- CEO Ho Jeong Lee, “70 years of SK networks has been a history of change and innovation···
We will muster our capabilities built to date to secure vantage points in business competition and contribute to our society and industrial ecosystem”

SK networks (CEO: Ho Jeong Lee), the origin of SK Group that marks the 70th birthday this year, has celebrated the anniversary with outreach activities that involved all its people. SK networks announced on April 9 that in celebration of its 70th anniversary, the Company rolled out the JI-GU Networking (outreach networking project connecting local communities and SK networks people) project to support local communities and vulnerable populations on and offline.

In the afternoon of the 7th, SK networks launched over 10 outreach activities around its head office covering Jongro-gu, Jung-gu, Yongsan-gu, and so forth, Seoul. SK networks people served free meals to neighbors in need in Myeongdong Catholic Cathedral and the Gabriel’s House and helped the physically handicapped workers in Soongin senior citizens center and Yongsan-gu Vocational Training Center for people with special needs. In addition, they cleaned flophouse neighborhoods and Cheonggyecheon and Mt. Namsan Park areas. SK networks people who were prevented from leaving their offices chose ‘in-office outreach activities’ to build natural humidifiers and grain-filled hot pack kits, etc. CEO Lee Ho-jeong visited the 10,000m2-wide eco-friendly forest taken care of by SK networks and MINTIT in Yeoui Tributary Ecopark since 2021 to check seedlings and remove weeds. The people of SK rent-a-car, a subsidiary of SK networks, also joined the outreach activities whereas SK magic people visited four children centers in Hwaseong area to donate 100 pet plants and air purifiers on April 4.

“We planned the JI-GU Networking project as all executives and employees agreed that outreach activities to return what we owe in our 70-year-long history to our neighbors and society for their encouragement and support would do the best justice to the anniversary,” said Team Leader Hyeongjoo Kim of the SV Implementation Team at SK networks. “We will continue to launch management practices and outreach programs that could create greater social values with our investees.”

On the 70th anniversary, SK network published the ’70-Year-Long History of SK networks’ and prepared janchiguksu (banquet noodle) with toppings in seven colors and rick cakes colored with as many different pigments as lunch for all its people to encourage each other.

On the day, CEO Ho Jeong Lee of SK networks said to SK networks people, “The 70 years of SK networks has been a history of 'change and innovation' where we have constantly challenged our own limits to fulfill the role of a company required by the country and the times,” and emphasized, “In order for our pride in the role we have played in the development of the national economy and people's lives to continue into the future, we must actively overcome the crises we face and forge a new path through continued changes and challenges.” CEO Ho Jeong Lee also added, “On another starting line where we vow to become a 100-year company, I ask you to take the lead in bringing together all the capabilities we have accumulated so far to create an overwhelming competitive edge in all areas of business and management, and to make a greater contribution to our society and industrial ecosystem.”

SK networks was founded in 1953 in the name of ‘Sunkyong Textiles’ that operated with 15 spinning machines salvaged from the ruins of the Korean War, designating April 8 as its founding anniversary when the founding Chairman Chey Jong-gun purchased the war-ravaged plant site after the war. Going forward, SK networks established itself as a major textile company responsible for clothing Koreans with then-technology-intensive products such as ‘Rooster Lining’ and evolved into a full-blown trading company contributing to the export industries of Korea in the 1970s. Then, SK networks acquired Korea Oil Corporation in 1980 to complete vertical integration from ‘oil to textiles,’ and positively contributed to establishing SK as one of the iconic business groups representing the business community of Korea by acquiring Korea Mobile Telecom and Hynix, etc. After shifting its focus onto mobility and electronic home appliances rental business from around 2015, SK networks has put in high gear transformation into a ‘business-centric investment company’ seeking to leverage investment initiatives as a growth driver. In particular, SK networks is investing more in early-stage tech companies in and out of Korea, with focus on digital transformation, Web 3 and sustainability, organizing the first-ever global investment business presentation in this February where the Company announced a strategy to be a gatekeeper of global innovations. Furthermore, SK networks recently announced a plan to purchase and retire treasury shares to boost up its stock value for shareholders, and retired treasury shares valued at 70 billion won on April 5.

Meanwhile, SK Group has published a collection of the Founding Chairman Chey Jong-gun and the Former Chairman Chey Jong-hyon’s memorable saying and anecdotes in celebration of the 70th anniversary. 

[Photo 1-1,1-2] CEO Ho Jeong Lee and SK networks people are taking care of the forest in Yeoui Tributary Park on the 70th founding anniversary

[Photo 2] 'The 70-Year-Long History of SK networks’ published by SK network in celebration of the 70th anniversary'

[Photo 3] SK networks CI