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Speedmate launches vehicle detailing service with SONAX Car-care of Germany


- Speedmate’s ‘car servicing/detailing multi-shop’ opens at IKEA Goyang store
- Offering premium new car look detailing services in line with automotive market trend going luxe
- "We will enhance our value as No.1 car care brand with premium car servicing/detailing packages"

Speedmate, all-inclusive car care brand of SK Networks (CEO: Ho Jeong Lee), launches car detailing services with the German premium brand ‘SONAX Car-care.’

Speedmate announced on the 5th that they had opened a ‘car servicing/detailing multi-shop’ at IKEA Goyang store with Alles, the local distributor of the German premium car detailing brand SONAX Car-care. Prior to the announcement, the two companies signed a MOU on one-stop car detailing service partnership on August 16. Car detailing service refers to a premium car care service that identifies causes of contamination and damage in and out of cars after washing, removes them with specialty chemicals and tops it up with polishing and coating finish to maintain new-car look for a long time.

The partnership was inspired by the need to elevate the level of Speedmate’s customer services by a few notches to meet rising demands for premium car care services in line with increasing penetration of luxury car models. "Car care services are held to higher standards nowadays and customers do not want to their cars to be compromised by mechanical washing or hand-washing services provided by non-experts, paying attention to car’s outer look as well in terms of polishing and coating services," an official at Speedmate said. "To deliver greater satisfaction to customers, we have decided to work hand in hand with SONAX Car-care, a global brand setting the car detailing standards."  Drawing upon the partnership, Speedmate vows to evolve into a premium brand combining reasonably-priced car care service of excellent quality with expert-performed detailing service.

Given its strategic presence in a shopping outlet, the newly launched Speedmate car servicing/detailing multi-shop is expected to ensure considerable customer satisfaction in terms of time requirement, as car care and detailing services are finished while customers enjoy shopping.

In an event celebrating the inauguration of the car servicing/detailing multi-shop at IKEA Goyang store, Speedmate and SONAX provide visiting customers with ▲ car care coupon book including 20,000 won-discount on engine oil replenishment and 20 to 30% discount on tire/battery replacement; ▲ 20% and 30% discount coupons for premium car washing and detailing services respectively; and ▲free Little Trees car air freshener for car washing/detailing service customers. The event will be available from September 5 to October 31.

With +600 retail locations across the country, Speedmate will consider developing a variety of mobility multi-shop models including EV charging multi-shop to care for changing market trends, starting from the one in IKEA Goyang store.

An official at Speedmate said, "Living up to the expectation of customers who want to keep their cars in premium conditions, we will enhance our value as No.1 car care brand of Korea, holding both car servicing/detailing services to the highest-ever standards."

Ahn Moo-in, Speedmate business division director (left) and Lee Joon-hyung, CEO of Alles (right), pose for a photo in celebration of the singing of the MOU at Speedmate IKEA Goyang multi-shop on August 16.

View of Speedmate IKEA Goyang multi-shop that will provide both car servicing/detailing services.